The Basics

ValueCard NFC is a standalone gift card / cashless payment system that is easy to use and works independently of existing point of sale terminals. Each merchant receives a state of the art Samsung Android tablet with attached NFC reader, which is used to add and deduct value to the cards. The gift cards are reusable and can be loaded and reloaded with dollar values indefinitely. Each card is also customizable and can include any logo or design.



ValueCard NFC is a complete solution that eliminates the need for an expensive Point of Sale System. It comes complete with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0), an ACS acr 35 card reader, and ValueCard NFC Installed and ready to use on your new tablet.


Each tablet includes NFC reader and ValueCard App for quick deployment of the solution


ValueCard NFC allows you to add and deduct value through an easy to use interface


Gain visibility to all transactions and keep accurate records with ValueCard’s in depth reporting features


Use multiple tablets to make even more transactions. All transaction data for the system is stored and shared in the cloud

How it works

With an optimized and user-fiendly interface, ValueCard NFC is designed to be as easy as possible for your employees to get their work done seamlessly. Checking customer balance, adding value, or deducting value among other functions can be done with just a few gestures.

Deduct Amount

Enter the dollar amount to remove from the card then press deduct. This will remove the credit from the user's account.

Reload Amount

Enter the dollar amount you would like to add to a card then press reload. This will add credit to the user's card.


Present a card to the tablet, enter the dollar amount of the initial value of the card and issue the card - that simple.


Every aspect of operation can be lock down with granular security that can be set by the business owner.

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